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The hydrological response to land cover changes induced by human activities in arid regions has attracted increased research interest in recent decades. The study reported herein assessed the spatial and quantitative changes in surface runoff resulting from land cover change in the Al-Baha region of Saudi Arabia between 1990 and 2000 using an ArcGIS-surface(More)
Experiments were conducted to investigate the reductive dechlorination of tetrachloroethylene (PCE) by nano-Mackinawite (nFeS) with cyano-cobalamin (Cbl(III)) in cement slurries. Almost complete degradation of PCE by nFeS-Cbl(III) was observed in cement slurries in 5 h and its degradation kinetics (k(obs-PCE)=0.57 h(-1)) was 6-times faster than that of(More)
The concept of heat units is used in several phenological studies like the prediction of sowing and harvesting dates, crop yield, length of plant stages, and maturity state. However, calculation of heat units as growing degree-days requires a summation process that is not easily performed like directsubstitution equations. The aim of this work was to(More)
Subsurface drip irrigation systems, compared to other irrigation systems, enhance the delivery of water and nutrients directly into the root zone. However, in light-textured soils, certain quantities of water may percolate below the root zone due to the subsurface position of drip lines and/or poor management of irrigation systems. The main objective of(More)
An open-end graded border design procedure is presented. The proposed method based on the principle of mass conservation requires Kostiakov and Manning formulations for infiltration and roughness, respectively. The key assumption of the present design procedure is that the minimum infiltrated depth occurs at the lower border end and is equal to the required(More)
Hazen-Williams equation is used widely by irrigation systems’ designers due to its simplicity.However, Darcy-Weisbach equation is more accurate and reliable. The accuracy of the latter is due to its friction coefficient, which depends on both flow characteristics and pipe surface state. On the other hand, Hazen-Williams’ coefficient (C) depends only on pipe(More)
Adsorption of the hazardous dye malachite green (MG) by Acacia nilotica (AN) waste was investigated. Batch process variables for the adsorption of MG by AN were optimized. The mechanisms involved in the adsorption of MG by AN were explored using isotherms and kinetic models. The thermodynamic parameters were calculated to determine the spontaneity and(More)
Vegetables planting dates affect yield and water consumption. This study aimed to develop a mathematical model to select the best date/duration to start sowing vegetables to maximize yield and minimize water use which increases the water use efficiency. The model was developed in an easy graphical interface that allows simple selection of the region and(More)
Structural hollow sections are gaining worldwide importance due to their structural and architectural advantages over open steel sections. The only obstacle to their use is their connection with other structural members. To overcome the obstacle of tightening the bolt from one side has given birth to the concept of blind bolts. Blind bolts, being the(More)