A A Al-Timari

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A number of S-substituted glutathiones and the corresponding N-substituted S-substituted analogues have been found to be linear competitive inhibitors of yeast glyoxalase I at 26 degrees C over the pH range 4.6-8.5. N-Acetylation of S-(p-bromobenzyl)glutathione weakens binding by 13.7-fold. N-benzoylation by 25.6-fold, N-trimethylacetylation by 53.3-fold(More)
The nature of the binding determinants used in the interaction of glutathione-based derivatives and bovine liver glyoxalase II (S-(2-hydroxyacyl)glutathione hydrolase, EC has been investigated. Linear competitive inhibition was observed for S-blocked and S,N-blocked glutathiones with bovine liver glyoxalase II (molecular weight 22 500 by sodium(More)
A series of twelve S-blocked and N,S-blocked glutathione derivatives has been studied as inhibitors of glyoxalase I [R)-S-lactoylglutathione methylglyoxal-lyase (isomerising), EC from human erythrocytes. A number of new N,S-blocked glutathiones have been synthesised. Inhibition at pH 7.0, 25 degrees C was linear-competitive in all cases and the Ki(More)
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