A. A. Agadzhanova

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Studies of collagen gene polymorphisms associated with predisposition to early recurrent miscarriages revealed significant differences in the distribution of COL1A1 C-1997A C>A (rs1107946) genotypes and alleles in the group of pregnant patients with early miscarriages in comparison with controls (normal pregnancy). Identification of COL1A1 C-1997A C>A(More)
Differential diagnosis of the causes of intrauterine fetal death was carried out in 84 women; in 57 of them it was due to hyperandrogenism of various origins. 63.2% of patients suffered from mixed (combined ++ovario-adrenal) androgen hypersecretion, 33.3% from the adrenal and only 3.5% of women from the ovarian form of hyperandrogenism. Relationship between(More)
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