A A Abouzakham

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Only on the basis of nuclear size, spermatogonia can be easily identified by their relatively large prominent nuclei. Further meiotic division occur resulting in primary spermatocytes. The nuclei become smaller, placed peripherally forming the spermatids. A membrane-bound clefts develop in the cytoplasm in the region of spermatid nuclei and that such clefts(More)
The ultra and histochemical structures of the oncosphere of Hymenolepis nana were studied. The oncosphere is surrounded by several protective layers. The outer envelope appears to be cellular in origin and consist of an electron dense outer zone and an inner granular zone, mucoprotein in nature. The inner envelope and embryophore are a continuous(More)
Scanning electron microscopy of the surface of Hymenolepis nana indicated that dense populations of microtriches occur on scolex proper, suckers and strobila, with an average density of 20/micron2. The excellent preservation of microtriches proves the efficacy of the critical point drying method for preparing cestodes for study of SEM. The cytological(More)
The sensitivity of the technique of immunoelectrodiffusion has been enhanced by combining it with an enzyme method. The precipitated immuno-complexes are treated with antibodies conjugated with an enzyme specific for each class of immuno-globulins. This association realizes the ELIEDA and enable the class of immunoglobulins involved in the reactions to be(More)
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