A. A. Abd El-Aziz

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very few research works have been done on XML security over relational databases despite that XML became the de facto standard for the data representation and exchange on the internet and a lot of XML documents are stored in RDBMS. In [14], the author proposed an access control model for schemabased storage of XML documents in relational storage and(More)
This paper presents clustering model for progression of ocular hypertension to primary open angle glaucoma using classification approach based on rough mereology. Our model comprises two phases: Clustering and prediction. We start by Clustering that utilises a rough mereology theory for clustering into one of three obtained classes, namely low, mid, and(More)
Pollen grains are considered as the main causative agent of the respiratory allergic disorders. Pollen grains of the family Amaranthaceae are predisposing agents in atopic allergy in arid and semiarid areas. This study aimed at identifying the antigenic properties of C. album pollen extracts in atopic asthmatic patients. Pollen grains of C. album were(More)
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