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Competition for and consumption of resources are at the core of ethical issues. Solutions to these problems have been at the core of both operating system design and Internet algorithms. The solutions are traditionally integrated into the software. However, the emergence of intelligent autonomous agents such a bots and spiders which compete with human users(More)
When does a statement constitute an answer to question? How can it be known that the statement is a correct answer to a question? Under what conditions is a piece of software the solution to a user’s requirements. The answer to these questions depends on the degree of certainty required. A formal definition of the problem domain, language, and theory is(More)
This work makes several original contributions. The first is a descriptive rubric based on three areas of philosophy, ontology, epistemology, and axiology. It is employed to describe theories. The second is a hierarchical taxonomy for theories and a taxonomy for empirical theories. This taxonomy clarifies the relationships between theories in mathematics(More)
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