A. A. A. Nasser

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This paper investigates the linkages among service quality, service provider image, customer expectations, perceived value, customer satisfaction and brand loyalty in a Dubai-based airline. Initially, the determinants of service quality were identified utilizing the SERVQUAL framework with some modification. Service quality was then used as an antecedent to(More)
Swellings Identification from Head and Neck computed tomography image data is an important but time consuming task performed manually by medical experts. Automating this process is challenging due to the high diversity in the appearance of tumor tissues among different patients. In many cases, the task of identifying the location of the tumor in Head and(More)
In this paper, a new trend in the design of a microwave amplifier is proposed. The pivot element in the design is to numerically investigate the the relation between VSWR with different frequencies, reflection coefficients, and noise figures. Multiple curves relating the VSWR with both the reflection coefficient and the transducer gain facilitates the(More)
In an effort to elucidate the environmental health in developing countries, the environmental and sanitary conditions of Riyadh primary schools were assessed by use of a scoring evaluation sheet for 20 schools representative of primary schools of Riyadh. 20% of schools have been found to be ideally situated and only one fourth of schools with proper(More)
In Brain-Computer Interface (BCI), a subject's thoughts are read to provide an appropriate way of communication where only brain signals are used. The information of electroencephalogram (EEG) signals differentiate between subjects depending on their thoughts according to research. In this paper, a combined feature extraction methods are proposed to test(More)
This paper investigates constructing a universal logic gate to perform all logic functions, namely, AND, OR, NAND, NOR, and XOR operations without changing the circuit topology. The modification that had been applied to Chua's Circuit to construct what is called a “ChuaGate” is also investigated. The basic advantage behind our scheme is that(More)
This work demonstrates the technique of micro stepping control in removal of head and neck exophytic lesion. It also helps to detect tumor position accurately by using Permanent Magnet stepper Motors (PMSM) using artificial neural network methods without injury to the adjacent structures. Estimation of dynamic load parameters i.e. moment of inertia and(More)
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