A. A. A. Nasser

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Infection of prosthetic vascular grafts, although infrequent, is a dreadful complication in vascular surgery. It is a challenge for the surgeon and is life- and limb-threatening to the patient. Conventionally, infection involving a foreign body is eradicated by removing the foreign body. Despite its theoretical appeal, this solution is fraught with(More)
In this report we describe a case of cerebral phaeohyphomycosis involving a 56-year-old Egyptian male who worked as a mason in Kuwait for 6 years. Computerized tomography scan of the brain revealed presence of a large abscess in the left occipital lobe. Aspirated pus from the abscess showed branched, septate, hyphae with light brown pigmentation. Cultured(More)
The life-saving procedures to expand the chests of infants born with Jeune asphyxiating thoracic dystrophy provide a static solution incapable of responding to the growth demands of thriving patients. We describe an instrument that provided a dynamic solution for an infant, where an initial methyl methacrylate midsternotomy spacer placed at 4 months of age(More)
Swellings Identification from Head and Neck computed tomography image data is an important but time consuming task performed manually by medical experts. Automating this process is challenging due to the high diversity in the appearance of tumor tissues among different patients. In many cases, the task of identifying the location of the tumor in Head and(More)
In this paper, a new trend in the design of a microwave amplifier is proposed. The pivot element in the design is to numerically investigate the the relation between VSWR with different frequencies, reflection coefficients, and noise figures. Multiple curves relating the VSWR with both the reflection coefficient and the transducer gain facilitates the(More)
We have evaluated the role of stapled Prolene mesh for reinforcement of the midline abdominal wall plication in patients with advanced musculoaponeurotic laxity. Twenty-one multiparous women underwent a standard abdominoplasty with wide longitudinal rectus sheath plication, followed by stapling of the mesh to the external oblique fascia and anterior rectus(More)
This work demonstrates the technique of micro stepping control in removal of head and neck exophytic lesion. It also helps to detect tumor position accurately by using Permanent Magnet stepper Motors (PMSM) using artificial neural network methods without injury to the adjacent structures. Estimation of dynamic load parameters i.e. moment of inertia and(More)
In Brain-Computer Interface (BCI), a subject's thoughts are read to provide an appropriate way of communication where only brain signals are used. The information of electroencephalogram (EEG) signals differentiate between subjects depending on their thoughts according to research. In this paper, a combined feature extraction methods are proposed to test(More)