Aşkın Gülşen

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This study aimed to investigate the dental effects of a three-dimensional (3D) bimetric maxillary distalizing arch. The Wilson rapid molar distalization appliance for Class II molar correction was used in 14 patients (10 girls and four boys with a mean age of 12.18 years). The open coil springs were activated with bent Omega stops and Class II(More)
The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect on the dentoalveolar structures of the application of PG springs for retraction of upper incisors and to compare the outcome with the effect of a closed coil spring retraction system. Thirty-six subjects with Angle Class I or Class II malocclusions were selected for the study. Each subject had the two upper(More)
Metastasis to breast from extra mammarian organs is quite rare with an incidence of 0.5-3%. Malignancies that most commonly metastasize to breast are lymphomas, leukemias, and malignant melanoma. Metastasis of lung cancer to breast is a very rare condition. We present here a case with squamous cell lung cancer that metastasized to breast. A 65-year-old man(More)
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