Aśok C Antony

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Hospital-based records from major cities of India, where roughly a quarter of the population resides, identified the frequency of neural tube defects (NTDs) as ranging from 3.9 to 8.8 per 1000 births, but the incidence in rural areas is unknown. We did a population-based door-to-door survey of mothers living in remote clusters of villages in Balrampur(More)
Glycosyl-phosphatidylinositol-anchored folate receptors (FR) have physiologic and pharmacologic relevance in mediating cellular and transcellular folate/antifolate transport. Three FR isoforms with differing relative affinities for folates and expression patterns in normal and malignant cells/tissues are recognized, but the precise mechanism of cellular(More)
HE ESSENTIAL role of intracellular folates in efT fecting one-carbon transfers in critical enzyme systems for DNA synthesis is well This has led to extensive application of various synthetic folate analogues as therapeutic and investigative tools in a variety of infectious, immunologic, and neoplastic diseases, as well as in developmental, transplantation,(More)
We have investigated the expression and functional competence of folate receptor (FR) isoforms on human hematopoietic cells. Using immunofluorescence and reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) methodology, we find that a substantial fraction of low-density mononuclear and CD34(+) cells express both the beta and gamma isoforms of FR. The(More)
NMNAT (nicotinamide 5'-mononucleotide adenylyltransferase; EC catalyses the transfer of the adenylyl group from ATP to NMN to form NAD. We have cloned a novel human NMNAT cDNA, designated hNMNAT-2, from human brain. The cDNA contains a 924 bp open reading frame that encodes a 307 amino acid peptide that was expressed as a histidine-patch-containing(More)
Despite the isolation of placental folate receptors 25 y ago and progress in defining the mechanism of folate delivery, considerable gaps remain in the literature for each level of the maternal-placental-fetal unit. Although a critical role of placental folate receptors in maternal-to-fetal folate transport was shown by use of the isolated(More)
Methotrexate accumulation, subcellular distribution, metabolism, and cytotoxicity were studied in human epidermoid carcinoma (KB) cells that were exposed to a low extracellular concentration of methotrexate (25 nM) following culture in widely differing concentrations of folic acid. KB cells cultured in standard medium with a high folic acid concentration(More)
Cellular acquisition of folate is mediated by folate receptors (FRs) in many malignant and normal human cells. Although FRs are upregulated in folate deficiency and downregulated following folate repletion, the mechanistic basis for this relationship is unclear. Previously we demonstrated that interaction of an 18-base cis-element in the 5'-untranslated(More)