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Microsatellites are simple, tandem DNA repeats that represent unstable regions of the genome. They undergo frequent changes in tract length by base additions or deletions due to DNA polymerase slippage during replication. To characterize factors affecting the frequency of spontaneous mutations occurring in microsatellites in plants, a reporter system was(More)
BACKGROUND Shift work disorder involves insomnia and/or excessive sleepiness associated with the work schedule. The present study examined the impact of insomnia on the perceived physical and psychological health of adults working on night and rotating shift schedules compared to day workers. METHODS A total of 418 adults (51% women, mean age 41.4 years),(More)
Greens-type annual bluegrass (Poa annua L.) is susceptible to winter stresses including subfreezing temperatures and pink snow mold (SM). To better understand the mechanisms of SM resistance in annual bluegrass, four SM-resistant and four SM-sensitive genotypes were incubated at low temperature with Microdochium nivale (Fries) Samuels & Hallett, the causal(More)
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