Aïcha Bareche

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Let f : X ×K → R be a separately continuous function and C a countable collection of subsets of K. Following a result of Calbrix and Troallic, there is a residual set of points x ∈ X such that f is jointly continuous at each point of {x}×Q, where Q is the set of y ∈ K for which the collection C includes a basis of neighborhoods in K. The particular case(More)
Itzkowitz’s problem asks whether every topological group G has equal left and right uniform structures provided that bounded left uniformly continuous real-valued function on G are right uniformly continuous. This paper provides a positive answer to this problem if G is of bounded exponent or, more generally, if there exist an integer p ≥ 2 and a nonempty(More)
We consider a statistical methodology for the study of the strong stability of the M=G=1 queueing system after disrupting the arrival flow. More precisely, we use nonparametric density estimation with boundary correction techniques and the statistical Student test to approximate the G=G=1 system by the M=G=1 one, when the general arrivals law G in the G=G=1(More)
Bouallouche [3] has applied the strong stability method to study the proximity of the G/M/1 and M/M/1 systems when the general distribution of arrivals G is assumed to be hyper-exponantial. In this paper, we show the applicability of the strong stability method to evaluate an approximation error of the G/M/1 and M/M/1 systems when the general distribution(More)
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