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The rate at which mutations are generated is central to the pace of evolution. Although this rate is remarkably similar amongst all cellular organisms, bacterial strains with mutation rates 100 fold greater than the modal rates of their species are commonly isolated from natural sources and emerge in experimental populations. Theoretical studies postulate(More)
CTX-M β-lactamases are the most prevalent group of enzymes within the extended-spectrum β-lactamases (ESBL). The therapeutic options for CTX-M-carrying isolates are scarce, forcing the reexamination of the therapeutic possibilities of β-lactams plus β-lactamase inhibitors (BBLIs). Inhibitor-resistant CTX-M β-lactamases (IR-CTX-M) have not hitherto been(More)
Under the auspices of the Spanish Society for Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology Quality Control program, 14 Escherichia coli strains masked as blood culture isolates were sent to 68 clinical microbiology laboratories for antimicrobial susceptibility testing to β-lactam antibiotics. This collection included three control strains (E. coli ATCC(More)
An unusual case of pacemaker failure induced by atrial activity is presented. The pacemaker stimulus was ineffective for ventricular capture not only with low energy output (decreased pulse duration) of the generator, but also with pulse width two to three times the stimulation threshold. The two possible mechanisms of this phenomenon, one electrotonic and(More)
Copper is an environmental element, essential for life, to which humans are exposed by inhalation, hand-to-mouth contamination, or ingestion of food and water. In this work, bacterial copper susceptibility (amount of copper able to inhibit bacterial growth) of aerobic bacteria from the intestinal microbiota of healthy children in Spain was explored. To(More)
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