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The rate at which mutations are generated is central to the pace of evolution. Although this rate is remarkably similar amongst all cellular organisms, bacterial strains with mutation rates 100 fold greater than the modal rates of their species are commonly isolated from natural sources and emerge in experimental populations. Theoretical studies postulate(More)
Copper is an environmental element, essential for life, to which humans are exposed by inhalation, hand-to-mouth contamination, or ingestion of food and water. In this work, bacterial copper susceptibility (amount of copper able to inhibit bacterial growth) of aerobic bacteria from the intestinal microbiota of healthy children in Spain was explored. To(More)
Real-time measurements of inorganic (sulfate, nitrate , ammonium, chloride and black carbon (BC)) and organic submicron aerosols (particles with an aerodynamic diameter of less than 1 µm) from a continental background site (Montsec, MSC, 1570 m a.s.l.) in the western Mediter-ranean Basin (WMB) were conducted for 10 months (July 2011–April 2012). An aerosol(More)
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