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Seed maturation and germination involve changes in gene expression, as well as physiological and metabolic events; however, much remains to be learned. In plants, abiotic stress affects germination,(More)
DnaJ proteins are essential co-chaperones involved in abiotic and biotic stress responses. Arabidopsis AtDjA3 gene encodes a molecular co-chaperone of 420 amino acids, which belongs to the J-protein(More)
Proteins with glycine-rich repeats have been identified in plants, mammalians, fungi, and bacteria. Plant glycine-rich proteins have been associated to stress response. Previously, we reported that(More)
Glycine Rich Proteins (GRPs) are induced at different developmental stages and in specific plant tissues. Recently, we described a novel Arabidopsis gene encoding a short glycine-rich domain protein(More)
Polyamines are low molecular weight aliphatic compounds involved in various biochemical, cellular and physiological processes in all organisms. In plants, genes involved in polyamine biosynthesis and(More)
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