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Bars in Disk-dominated and Bulge-dominated Galaxies at z ~ 0: New Insights from ~3600 SDSS Galaxies
We present a study of large-scale bars in the local universe, based on a large sample of 3692 galaxies, with 18.5 ≤ Mg < − 22.0 mag and redshift 0.01 ≤ z < 0.03, drawn from the Sloan Digitized Sky
We explore the amount of obscured star formation as a function of environment in the Abell 901/902 (A901/902) supercluster at z = 0.165 in conjunction with a field sample drawn from the A901 and CDFS
A deep, narrow J-band search for protogalactic Lyα emission at redshifts z~ 9
We present a deep, narrow J-band search for protogalactic Lya emission at redshifts z ∼ 9. We combine an exceptionally deep image of the Hubble Deep Field South, obtained using a narrow-band filter
Stellar populations of early-type galaxies in different environments. III. Line-strength gradients
Aims. This is the third paper of a series devoted to the study of the stellar content of early-type galaxies. The goal of the series is to set constraints on the evolutionary status of these objects.
Uvudf: Ultraviolet Imaging Of The Hubble Ultra Deep Field With Wide-Field Camera 3
We present an overview of a 90 orbit Hubble Space Telescope treasury program to obtain near-ultraviolet imaging of the Hubble Ultra Deep Field using the Wide Field Camera 3 UVIS detector with the
Optimizer Benchmarking Needs to Account for Hyperparameter Tuning
Evaluating a variety of optimizers on an extensive set of standard datasets and architectures, the results indicate that Adam is the most practical solution, particularly in low-budget scenarios.
Satellite galaxies in semi-analytic models of galaxy formation with sterile neutrino dark matter
The sterile neutrino is a viable darkmatter candidate that can be produced in the early Universe via non-equilibrium processes, and would therefore possess a highly non-thermal spectrum of primordial
STAGES: the Space Telescope A901/2 Galaxy Evolution Survey
We present an overview of the Space Telescope A901/2 Galaxy Evolution Survey (STAGES). STAGES is a multiwavelength project designed to probe physical drivers of galaxy evolution across a wide range
Infrared and Raman studies of the Verwey transition in magnetite
We present infrared and Raman measurements of magnetite (Fe3O4). This material is known to undergo a metal-insulator and a structural transition (Verwey transition) at T-V = 120 K. The structural
A gravitationally boosted MUSE survey for emission-line galaxies at z ≳ 5 behind the massive cluster RCS 0224.
We present a Very Large Telescope/Multi Unit Spectroscopic Explorer (MUSE) survey of lensed high-redshift galaxies behind the z = 0.77 cluster RCS 0224−0002. We study the detailed internal properties