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Knowledge Enhanced Contextual Word Representations
After integrating WordNet and a subset of Wikipedia into BERT, the knowledge enhanced BERT (KnowBert) demonstrates improved perplexity, ability to recall facts as measured in a probing task and downstream performance on relationship extraction, entity typing, and word sense disambiguation.
Extending a Parser to Distant Domains Using a Few Dozen Partially Annotated Examples
It is shown that recent advances in word representations greatly diminish the need for domain adaptation when the target domain is syntactically similar to the source domain, and a simple way to adapt a parser using only dozens of partial annotations is provided.
Beyond Sentential Semantic Parsing: Tackling the Math SAT with a Cascade of Tree Transducers
We present an approach for answering questions that span multiple sentences and exhibit sophisticated cross-sentence anaphoric phenomena, evaluating on a rich source of such questions – the math
Interactive Visualization for Linguistic Structure
The library is not tied to any particular linguistic representation, but provides a general-purpose API for the interactive exploration of hierarchical linguistic structure, and offers several important features, including expand/collapse functionality, positional and color cues, and explicit visual support for sequential structure.