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Genome-wide distribution of Auts2 binding localizes with active neurodevelopmental genes
The results implicate Auts2 as an active regulator of important neuro developmental genes and pathways and identify novel genomic regions that could be associated with ASD and other neurodevelopmental diseases.
Finding needles in a haystack: Sampling Structurally-diverse Training Sets from Synthetic Data for Compositional Generalization
This work investigates automatic generation of synthetic utterance-program pairs for improving compositional generalization in semantic parsing and selects a subset of synthetic examples that are structurally-diverse and uses them to improve compositionalgeneralization.
Improving Compositional Generalization in Semantic Parsing
This work analyzes a wide variety of models and proposes multiple extensions to the attention module of the semantic parser, aiming to improve compositional generalization in semantic parsing, as output programs are constructed from sub-components.