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Layers of classicality in the compatibility of measurements
  • Arindam Mitra
  • Physics, Mathematics
    Physical Review A
  • 14 January 2021
The term “Layers of classicality” in the context of quantum measurements, was introduced in [T. Heinosaari, Phys. Rev. A 93, 042118 (2016)]. The strongest layer among these consists of the sets of
Improvement in quantum communication using quantum switch
It is well known that quantum switch is an example of indefinite causal order. Recently, application of quantum switch on quantum channels, became a hot topic of discussion. It is possible to achieve
Information leak and incompatibility of physical context: A modified approach
A beautiful idea about the incompatibility of Physical Context(IPC) was introduced in [Phys. Rev. A 102, 050201(R) (2020)]. Here, a context is defined as a set of a quantum state and two sharp
On optimal cloning and incompatibility
We investigate the role of symmetric quantum cloning machines (QCMs) in quantifying the mutual incompatibility of quantum observables. Specifically, we identify a cloning-based incompatibility
A brief note on the compatibility of quantum instruments: A conceptual problem
The compatibility of quantum instruments is defined as the existence of a joint instrument through the implementation of which one can simultaneously implement the individual instruments by doing
Characterizing incompatibility of quantum measurements via their Naimark extensions
We obtain a formal characterization of the compatibility or otherwise of a set of positive-operator-valued measures (POVMs) via their Naimark extensions. We show that a set of POVMs is jointly