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Repeated quantum error correction on a continuously encoded qubit by real-time feedback
The actively error-corrected qubit is robust against errors and encoded quantum superposition states are preserved beyond the natural dephasing time of the best physical qubit in the encoding.
An Experimental Microarchitecture for a Superconducting Quantum Processor
  • X. Fu, M. A. Rol, K. Bertels
  • Computer Science, Physics
    50th Annual IEEE/ACM International Symposium on…
  • 25 August 2017
A set of quantum microinstructions that allows flexible control of quantum operations with precise timing is designed that is based on a codeword-based event control scheme, queue-based precise event timing control, and a flexible multilevel instruction decoding mechanism for control.
eQASM: An Executable Quantum Instruction Set Architecture
This paper proposes an executable QISA that can be translated from quantum assembly language (QASM), supports comprehensive quantum program flow control, and is executed on a quantum control microarchitecture, and presents better scalability than QuMIS.
Fast, High-Fidelity Conditional-Phase Gate Exploiting Leakage Interference in Weakly Anharmonic Superconducting Qubits.
A 40 ns cz gate based on a bipolar flux pulse suppressing leakage by interference and approaching the speed limit set by exchange coupling is presented, which is robust to long-timescale distortion in the flux-control line, ensuring repeatability.
Evolution of Nanowire Transmon Qubits and Their Coherence in a Magnetic Field.
We present an experimental study of flux- and gate-tunable nanowire transmons with state-of-the-art relaxation time allowing quantitative extraction of flux and charge noise coupling to the Josephson
Restless Tuneup of High-Fidelity Qubit Gates
We present a tuneup protocol for qubit gates with tenfold speedup over traditional methods reliant on qubit initialization by energy relaxation. This speedup is achieved by constructing a cost
OpenQL : A Portable Quantum Programming Framework for Quantum Accelerators
This article presents the programming interface of OpenQL, the different layers of the compiler and how it can provide portability over different qubit technologies, and shows that OpenQL allows the execution of the same high-level algorithm on two different qu Bit technologies, namely superconducting qubits and Si-Spin qubits.
Capacity estimation and verification of quantum channels with arbitrarily correlated errors
A protocol is presented that estimates a lower bound on a channel’s quantum capacity, even when there are arbitrarily correlated errors, and applies this method to a superconducting qubit in experiment.
Active resonator reset in the nonlinear dispersive regime of circuit QED
We present two pulse schemes for actively depleting measurement photons from a readout resonator in the nonlinear dispersive regime of circuit QED. One method uses digital feedback conditioned on the
Experimental error mitigation via symmetry verification in a variational quantum eigensolver
Variational quantum eigensolvers offer a small-scale testbed to demonstrate the performance of error mitigation techniques with low experimental overhead. We present successful error mitigation by