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Automatic Construction of Inference-Supporting Knowledge Bases
This paper describes the work on automatically constructing an inferential knowledge base, and applying it to a question-answering task, and suggests several challenges that this approach poses, and innovative, partial solutions that have been developed.
Optimal Building-Integrated Photovoltaic Applications
Photovoltaic (solar electric) modules are clean, safe and efficient devices that have long been considered a logical material for use in buildings. Recent technological advances have made PVs
Serving Humanity 1 Running Head: SERVING HUMANITY Leadership: A Service to Humanity
The nature and function of leadership is a fascinating area of study. The nature of leadership has four primary categories to include listening, vision, relationship development, and empowerment.
No Child Left Behind: The Oxymoron of Accountability.
Building-integrated photovoltaics: A case study
In 1992, Kiss Cathcart Anders Architects performed a study for NREL on Building-Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) issues as seen from the perspective of the building community. In general, the purpose
Transformational Leadership: A Practice Needed for First-Year Success.
The purpose of this article was to explore the multidimensional facets of transformational leadership and the impacts of such leadership on first-year academic success programs at the college level.