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Null It Out: Guarding Protected Attributes by Iterative Nullspace Projection
This work presents Iterative Null-space Projection (INLP), a novel method for removing information from neural representations based on repeated training of linear classifiers that predict a certain property the authors aim to remove, followed by projection of the representations on their null-space.
Linear Adversarial Concept Erasure
The method is shown to be highly expressive, effectively mitigating bias in deep nonlinear classifiers while maintaining tractability and interpretability and to recover a low-dimensional subspace whose removal mitigates bias by intrinsic and extrinsic evaluation.
A dynamical systems approach to the fourth Painlevé equation
We use methods from dynamical systems to study the fourth Painleve equation . Our starting point is the symmetric form of , to which the Poincare compactification is applied. The motion on the sphere
Classification of Real Solutions of the Fourth Painleve Equation
Painleve transcendents are usually considered as complex functions of a complex variable, but in applications it is often the real cases that are of interest. Under a reasonable assumption