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Bayesian analysis to identify new star candidates in nearby young stellar kinematic groups
We present a new method based on a Bayesian analysis to identify new members of nearby young kinematic groups. The analysis minimally takes into account the position, proper motion, magnitude, andExpand
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We present Bayesian Analysis for Nearby Young AssociatioNs II (BANYAN II), a modified Bayesian analysis for assessing the membership of later-than-M5 objects to any of several Nearby YoungExpand
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Photometric Variability of the T2.5 Brown Dwarf SIMP J013656.5+093347: Evidence for Evolving Weather Patterns
We report the discovery of a photometric variability in the bright T2.5 brown dwarf (BD) SIMP J013656.57+093347.3. Continuous J-band photometry has been obtained for several hours on four differentExpand
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Weather on Other Worlds. II. Survey Results: Spots Are Ubiquitous on L and T Dwarfs
We present results from the "Weather on Other Worlds" Spitzer Exploration Science program to investigate photometric variability in L and T dwarfs, usually attributed to patchy clouds. We surveyed 44Expand
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BANYAN. III. Radial Velocity, Rotation, and X-Ray Emission of Low-mass Star Candidates in Nearby Young Kinematic Groups
Based on high-resolution spectra obtained with PHOENIX at Gemini-South, CRIRES at VLT-UT1, and ESPaDOnS at the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope, we present new measurements of the radial and projectedExpand
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BANYAN. VII. A New Population of Young Substellar Candidate Members of Nearby Moving Groups from the BASS Survey
[Abbreviated] We present the results of a near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopic follow-up survey of 182 M4-L7 low-mass stars and brown dwarfs (BDs) from the BANYAN All-Sky Survey (BASS) for candidateExpand
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BANYAN. V. A Systematic All-Sky Survey for New Very Late-Type Low-Mass Stars and Brown Dwarfs in Nearby Young Moving Groups
We present the BANYAN All-Sky Survey (BASS) catalog, consisting of 228 new late-type (M4-L6) candidate members of nearby young moving groups (YMGs) with an expected false-positive rate of ~ 13%. ThisExpand
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BANYAN. IV. Fundamental parameters of low-mass star candidates in nearby young stellar kinematic groups - Isochronal Age determination using Magnetic evolutionary models
Based on high resolution optical spectra obtained with ESPaDOnS at CFHT, we determine fundamental parameters (\Teff, R, \Lbol, \logg\ and metallicity) for 59 candidate members of nearby young kinemExpand
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Discovery of a Wide Planetary-mass Companion to the Young M3 Star GU Psc
We present the discovery of a comoving planetary-mass companion ~42" (~2000 AU) from a young M3 star, GU Psc, a likely member of the young AB Doradus Moving Group (ABDMG). The companion was firstExpand
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BANYAN. IX. The Initial Mass Function and Planetary-mass Object Space Density of the TW HYA Association
A determination of the initial mass function (IMF) of the current, incomplete census of the 10 Myr-old TW Hya association (TWA) is presented. This census is built from a literature compilationExpand
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