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Preparation of Nano-MnFe2O4 and Its Catalytic Performance of Thermal Decomposition of Ammonium Perchlorate
Nano-MnFe2O4 粒子被一起沉淀阶段倒置方法和低温度的燃烧方法分别地综合,用 MnCl2, FeCl3, Mn (NO3 ) 2, Fe (NO3 ) 3, NaOH 和 C6H8O7。X 光检查衍射(XRD ) ,传播电子显微镜(TEM ) , Fourier 变换红外线的光谱学(英尺红外) , thermogravimetry 微分的热分析(TG-DTA )Expand
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Transfer characterization of sulfur from coal-burning emission to plant leaves by PIXE and XANES
The impact of coal-burning emission on sulfur in camphor leaves was investigated using Proton Induced X-ray Emission(PIXE) and synchrotron radiation technique X-ray Absorption Near-EdgeExpand
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Abstract In this study we designed a novel, cost-efficient and green method for the synthesis of copper nanoparticles (Cu NPs) supported on manganese dioxide (MnO2) NPs, using Centella asiatica L.Expand
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