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Method and structure for constructing upper board fixed on bottom using square timber
A structure for constructing a floor-fixing type upper plate using a square timber and a construction method of the same are provided to preclude the motion and prevent the curling of the upper plateExpand
Eco flooring material using polylactic acid resin with excellent plasticity
PLA(poly lactic acid) 수지 및 친환경 가소제(plasticizer)를 사용하여 친환경 바닥재를 구현할 수있는 가소성이 우수한 친환경 PLA 바닥재에 대하여 개시한다. 본 발명에 따른 가소성이 우수한 친환경 PLA 바닥재는 하나 이상의 층으로 형성되는 바닥재에 있어서, 상기 바닥재의 적어도 하나의 층은 PLA(poly lacticExpand
Foam sheet using cross-linked pla and manufacturing method of thereof
The present invention relates to a foamed sheet and a production method thereof using a cross-linked polylactic acid, and more particularly, by using a composition containing a polylactic acid, aExpand
Chip inlaid flooring material using polylactic acid resin
One embodiment the chip inlay de flooring using a PLA resin according to the present invention from above the chip inlay de (Chip Inlaid) layer, the dimensionally stable layer, and comprises a baseExpand
Wall covering of pla and pha blended resin use and manufacturing method
The invention PLA and PHA using a mixed resin as wallpaper and on the method of manufacturing the same, and more particularly wallpaper using PLA and PHA blend resin including a resin layerExpand
Flooring board using cross-linked polylactic acid and manufacturing method of thereof
PURPOSE: A board using a cross-linked polylactic acid and a manufacturing method thereof are provided to improve processability during a manufacturing process and improve water resistance afterExpand
Flooring material using polylactic acid blend resin
It discloses with respect to the flooring using the environmentally friendly PLA blend resin. Flooring with PLA blend resin according to the present invention is a floor formed with one or moreExpand
Removable and reattachable wallpaper
PURPOSE: Removable and attachable wall paper is provided to improve convenience for attaching the wall paper on wall, and to conveniently and easily replace the wall paper according to tastes of aExpand
Laminated structures with bottom ash in about that, more specifically bottom ash a configuration in which at least one layer in a binder as PLA (polylactic acid) resin to apply, and the same time theExpand
Board using pla, wood fiber and manufacturing method of thereof
PURPOSE: An eco-friendly board using polylactic acid and wood fiber and the manufacturing method thereof can reduce greenhouse gas and the usage amount of fossil resources by using polylactic acidExpand