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토종 실용오리 생산을 위한 토종 종오리의 산란 능력
This study was carried out to investigate the performance of laying period of A and B strains of Korean native ducks (KND). One hundred sixty eight ducks were used in this work and divided into A andExpand
다양한 사육밀도에서 대형 육계 수컷의 생산성과 도체수율
This work was carried out to investigate performance and carcass yield of large-type broilers at different stocking densities. Treatments were T1 (9.1 birds/m2), T2 (10.3 birds/m2) and T3 (11.5Expand
한국 재래닭 및 토착종을 활용한 토종 실용계의 생산성 연구
This study was conducted to evaluate the productivity of Korean native chicken (KNC) 2 strains crossbred. The number of chicks analyzed in this study was 300. Crossbreds used in this studywere A) KNCExpand
육계의 생산성, 영양소 이용률 및 장내 미생물에 대한 Phytase의 첨가 효과
This experiment was conducted to investigate the effect of supplemental phytase on performance, nutrients digestibility, and intestinal microflora of broilers. Treatments were control(P0), phytaseExpand
Phytase의 첨가가 산란계의 생산성 및 계란의 품질에 미치는 영향
The effects of microbial phytase on laying performance and egg quality were examined at three levels of phytase (0, 300, 600 unit/㎏) in 55-week-old White Leghorn laying hens for 5 weeks. EggExpand
토종 실용오리 고기의 이화학적 특성 조사
토종오리 대형종의 육성기 능력
This work was carried out to investigate the performance of growing period of large-type Korean native ducks. A total of four hundred twenty female and male duck chicks generated from A and B strainsExpand