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Investigation of TYR and MC1R polymorphisms in Korean native chickens and the commercial chickens
The commercial Korean native chickens (WR_CC) was developed by crossing a few native chicken breeds in Korea. In order to investigate the breed identification markers, SNPs from TYR gene and MC1RExpand
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토종 실용오리 생산을 위한 토종 종오리의 산란 능력
This study was carried out to investigate the performance of laying period of A and B strains of Korean native ducks (KND). One hundred sixty eight ducks were used in this work and divided into A andExpand
한국 재래닭 및 토착종을 활용한 토종 실용계의 생산성 연구
This study was conducted to evaluate the productivity of Korean native chicken (KNC) 2 strains crossbred. The number of chicks analyzed in this study was 300. Crossbreds used in this studywere A) KNCExpand
Detection of Copy Number Variation of the KIT Gene in the Landrace Breed using an Quantitative Oligonucleotide Ligation Assay(qOLA)
최근 들어 유전자 또는 DNA 분절의 반복수 변이 (CNV)에 관한 연구가 다수 수행되었으며, 그 분석 방법 및 기기 또한 다양하게 발달되었다. 본 연구는 Landrace 품종의 KIT 유전자 CNV 탐지를 위하여 다른 분석 방법들에 비하여 정확도가 높은 정량적 OLA 기법(qOLA)을 이용하였다. qOLA와 pyrosequencing assay의Expand
토종 실용오리 고기의 이화학적 특성 조사
사육 기간에 따른 토종 실용오리의 도체 내 지방산과 아미노산 함량 변화
This work was carried to evaluate effect of different raising periods on fatty acids and amino acids properties of Korean native commercial ducks. Korean native ducks (n = 90) from National InstituteExpand
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