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페달 시뮬레이터 강건 최적 설계
The electric wedge brake (EWB) is an electro-mechanical brake actuator that shows promise for application in future brake by wire systems. Due to the system properties it has special system thatExpand
전기-유압 콤비 브레이크 시스템 개발
An electric-hydraulic combi-brake system with hydraulic wheel brakes at the front axle and electromechanical brakes at the rear axle is presented. The capacites and sizes of the vacuum booster andExpand
TriCore™를 이용한 EMB 액츄에이터 제어기 구현
This paper describes the implementation of an Electro-Mechanical Brake (EMB) actuator controller based on the Infineon TC1797 which is a 32-bit microcontroller of the TriCore™ Architecture. The EMBExpand
HILS Test Bench를 이용한 전자브레이크(EMB)의 센서 Fault Injection Test 및 동역학 해석 검증
In recent, the eco-friendly Green cars such as Hybrid-Electronic vehicles, Fuel Cell vehicles and Electronic vehicles have been researched in major car makers. To response this electronic vehicle,Expand