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EMB시스템을 위한 새로운 클램핑력 추정기 설계 및 구현
In this paper, a new type of a clamping force estimation algorithm is proposed which utilizes a special polynomial series for the modeling of hysteresis loops during the clamping and the releasing inExpand
무인 자율주차 시스템 구현을 위한 기반기술 연구
As an autonomous driving technology is the future of on-road driving, an unmanned valet parking system is one of a key technology to realize door to door autonomous vehicle. When an autonomousExpand
고해상도 레이더용 광대역 디지털 첩 펄스 발생기 실험모델 개발
There are range and azimuth direction resolution of synthetic aperture radar on the aircraft or satellite. Wide bandwidth chirp pulse generation technology is prerequisite for SAR image with fineExpand
특집 : 비알코올성 지방간(Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, NAFLD) : 비알코올성 지방간(Non-alcoholic Fatty Lliver Disease)의 정의, 병인, 자연경과
Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is mainly associated with insulin resistance which allows increased free fatty acid flux to the liver by increasing lipolysis from adipose tissue, triggering macrophage/immune activation, decreasing skeletal muscle glucose uptake, and increasing de novo lipogenesis. Expand
다중사용자 다이버시티 시스템에서 전송량과 공정성의 Tradeoff를 제공하는 스케쥴링 메트릭 제안
Conventional multiuser diversity is an effective way to increase the system throughput. However, the system resources are distributed unfairly among users. Proportional fair scheduling is introducedExpand
Electro-Mechanical Brake 제어 시스템을 위한 BLDC 모터의 벡터 제어
This paper describes the implementation of the vector control schemes for an Electro-Mechanical Brake(EMB) with RCP device. X-by-wire implementations can lower manufacturing costs by reducingExpand