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친환경성 석회 도료의 개발 및 특성 연구
Lime paint surpassing others in execution efficiency, anti-bacterial, anti-mold and small quantity emission of VOCs(Volatile Organic Compounds) characteristics was developed using a limestone as raw
광양만권 공단지역 일부 지역 주민들의 VOCs 노출농도 및 건강위해성 평가
This research had been conducted from May to October 2007, studying 110 residents of G, Y, H industrial area in Jun-nam province. It is designed to understand the difference in levels of indoor,
비드 블라스트 표면처리를 이용한 척추고정시스템의 피로저항 향상
Spinal fixation systems provide surgical versatility, but the complexity of their design may reduce their strength and fatigue resistance. There is no published data on the mechanical properties of