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Apparatus and method for implementation of high performance data encryption system with secure memory
An encryption apparatus of high capacity and speed utilizing a memory unit having an encryption function, and an implementation method thereof are provided to prevent a bottleneck state of a bus by performing the encryption within the memory unit directly. Expand
체육영재 프로그램이 체력과 발 변형에 미치는 영향
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effects of exercise on physical fitness and rear foot deformities. Fifty three students from an education center for gifted young athletes in SeoulExpand
반만액식 판형 증발기 열전달 특성 연구
This study explores the use of Cu plates with machined or finned external surfaces in a partially flooded evaporator. The machined surfaces (finned/grooved surfaces) are intended for the enhancementExpand
Method for preparing supported hybrid metallocene catalyst , and supported hybrid metallocene catalyst prepared using same
The present invention provides a method for preparing a supported hybrid metallocene catalyst which can be used in the preparation of polyolefin, a supported hybrid metallocene catalyst preparedExpand
Pellicule pour lithographie euv
L'invention concerne une pellicule pour lithographie EUV. La pellicule pour lithographie EUV comprend une premiere couche de combinaison formee sur une premiere couche inorganique et une coucheExpand
Method for creating flexible flat luminosities with optical fiber
The present invention relates to a method of generating a flat luminous body having flexibility by using an optical fiber, and more particularly, to remove the frame when the fixing by implantingExpand
Apparatus for measuring magnetic field distribution using the Josephson junction
PURPOSE: A magnetic field distribution measurement apparatus using a Josephson junction is provided to improve a measurement speed by measuring magnetic field at several places at the same time.Expand
단말의 비주기적 사운딩 참조신호 트리거링 기반 srs 전송 방법 및 비주기적 srs를 전송하기 위한 상향링크 전송 전력을 제어 방법
무선통신 시스템에서 단말이 비주기적(aperiodic) 사운딩 참조신호(Sounding Reference Signal, SRS) 트리거링에 기반하여 SRS를 전송하는 방법과 비주기적 SRS를 전송하기 위한 상향링크 전송 전력을 제어하는 방법이 개시된다. 본 발명에 따른 단말이 비주기적(aperiodic) 사운딩 참조신호(Sounding ReferenceExpand