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Phase Behaviors and Structures of a Symmetrically Tapered Biphenylamide
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Manufacturing method of recycled aggregates using reaction of rapid carbonation
PURPOSE: A method for producing a recycled aggregate is provided to charge air gap of cement with calcium carbonate and improve the quality of recycled aggregate. CONSTITUTION: A method for producingExpand
Waste delivery monitoring system
A handover process and a waste handoff monitor system which authentically monitors undertaking process of waste are provided to process waste related business without registration of a wasteExpand
The image display apparatus and method using a dual thumbnail mode
본 발명은 휴대용 디스플레이 장치 동작 및 방법에 관한 것으로. Expand
국내 임상시험 이상반응의 IRB 보고 및 관리현황
【Background: This research is to identify the difficulties occuring in the course of managing the adverse events and the adverse event related standard operating procedure in the regulation of eachExpand
콘크리트용 내화 보드 접착제 조성물
콘크리트용 내화 보드의 부착에 주로 이용되고, 내열성과 부착성이 우수한 내화보드 접착제 조성물이 제공된다. 이 조성물은 중량%로, 알루미노 실리케이트계 무기물: 35~64.5%, 알칼리 실리케이트계 경화제: 30~59.5%, 골재 5~10%, 기능성 첨가제: 0.5~5%를 포함하고, 알루미노 실리케이트 무기 폴리머 구조를 가지며 점도가Expand