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A Study on the Structure Improvement of Bracket Housing for Structural Noise and Vibration Reduction in Hydraulic Breaker
A hydraulic breaker is widely utilized for many civil engineering areas for the purpose of destroying objects such as rocks, concrete, or road. However, since the high-level noise and vibration by aExpand
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PyGGI: Python General framework for Genetic Improvement
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Home network device to enable automatic take owership, home network system and method using this
A home network system for authenticating automatically ownership includes a public key generation unit(110), a storage medium record/read unit(120) and a control point/security console(CP/SC) converting unit(150). Expand
Apparatus and method for providing security access control
An apparatus and a method for providing security access control are provided to simplify a security work and an insecurity work of users by executing the user's input process which needs security in the security zone and executing their input process in the insecurity zone. Expand
method and apparatus for providing composition screen by composing the execution window of a plurality of the operating system
First to show the operating system and the execution screen of the second operating system at the same time, obtains the screen data of thesecond operating system from the first graphic data processed by the second Operating system, and the control information associated with the screendata of the first operating system, based on at least one of control information, and memory mapping information. Expand
Anode Active Material and The Secondary Battery Comprising the Same
The present invention relates to a cathode active material comprising a lithium metal oxide represented by the general formula (1), and the silane-based compounds coated on the negative electrodeExpand
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