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Seismic strenthening structure and working pocess using micro-pile
PURPOSE: A seismic isolation foundation pile structure for reinforcing earthquake-proof property of building is provided to make enough supporting force in spite of soft foundation. CONSTITUTION: AExpand
[살림맛/옷] 섬유의 황제, 실크
Linear Transfer Stage Apparatus
A linear transfer stage apparatus is provided to prevent productivity degradation due to operation abortion by not changing a horizontal position of a work head although a transfer stage is changedExpand
할인점의 제품차원과 서비스차원이 의류제품 재구매의도에 미치는 영향
The purposes of this study were to determine dimension of apparel expectations, performances and service quality of discount store and thereby, to analyze effect of apparel commodities dimensionExpand
The artificial soil composition and its manufacturing method that using the industrial by-product for recovering an abandoned quarry mining
PURPOSE: An artificial soil composition using industrial by-products for recovering an abandoned quarry mining and a manufacturing method thereof are provided to prevent environmental contaminationExpand
[살림맛 / 옷] 인간이 만든 실크, 레이온
사료의 단백질 수준과 첨가제들이 육계사내 암모니아가스 발생에 미치는 영향
Two experiments were conducted to determine the effect of crude protein levels and feed additives on N excretion and ammonia gas emission in broiler house. In Experiment 1, one thousand hatchedExpand
Apparatus and method for recognizing user activity
PURPOSE: A device and method for recognizing a user activity in real time are provided to accurately recognize the user activity regardless of how a user is holding a mobile terminal, thereby applying the same to various fields such as user activity analysis, life logging, and user context recognition. Expand
미세먼지와 호흡기질환의 상관관계