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Method for channel sounding in wireless local area network and apparatus for the same
PURPOSE: A device and a method for sounding a channel are provided to support an MU-MIMO(Multi User-Multiple Input Multiple Output) transmission techniques. CONSTITUTION: A processor(1110) isExpand
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Method For Transmitting Downlink Control Signal
The present invention is directed to a downlink control signal transmission method. According to the invention according as the base station transmits a downlink control signal including schedulingExpand
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In Ofdm communication system for sending and receiving an ack / nak signal
This document discloses a method for receiving an ACK / NAK signal in an OFDM communication system. An example of a method of receiving a downlink ACK / NAK signal in an OFDM communication systemExpand
Procédé pour générer une séquence de signaux de référence dans un système de communication sans fil à antennes multiples, et appareil correspondant
L'invention concerne un procede de transmission d'une sequence de signaux de reference par une station de base dans un systeme de communication sans fil. Plus particulierement, les etapes de ceExpand
Sliding mode controller for a quadrotor helicopter
스테레오 영상을 이용한 파프리카 인식 및 좌표 정보 획득 영상처리 알고리즘 개발
Purpose of this study was a development of an image processing algorithm to recognize paprika and acquire it’s 3D coordinates from stereo images to precisely control an end-effector of a paprika autoExpand
Method for retransmitting in the multicarriers system
The present invention provides a method for reducing the overhead of the retransmission in a system that is asynchronous adaptive retransmission scheme application. Provides a way to transmitExpand
RSOA기반 반송파 억제된 광변조를 이용한 양방향 WDM-PON 구현
본 논문에서는 중앙국(Central office)에서 반송파가 억제된 광원을 생성하여 파장에 무관한 RSOA기반 양방향 WDM-PON구조를 제안 하였다. 중앙국에 위치한 마흐젠터 모듈레이터 (LiNbO3 Mach Zehnder Modulator)를 이용해서 5 GHz 변조된 반송파가 억제된 광원(Suppressed Optical Carrier)을 만들어Expand