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Two New Records of Siphonophores (Hydrozoa: Siphonophora) in Korea
Six siphonophores of four families have been reported in Korea, new to the Korean fauna.
Novel metal(iii)-chromium-phosphate complex and use thereof
Provided is a novel metal(III)-chromium-phosphate(MCP) complex having superior proton conductivity in a broad temperature range and even under humidity-free conditions. The novel
Two Newly Recorded Species of Colobometridae and Calometridae (Echinodermata, Crinoidea, Comantulida) in Korea
Some crinoids collected by scuba divers from Jeju Island, Geomundo Island and Yokjido Island were identified and two species, Oligometra chinensis and Neometra multicolor, turned out to be new to the Korean fauna.
Two New Records of Zygometridae and Colobometridae (Echinodermata: Crinoidea: Comantulida) in Korea
Two species of comatulid crinoids, which belong to the family Zygometridae and Gephyrometra versicolor, were identified and both of them were turned out to be new to the Korean fauna.
Branched multiblock polybenzimidazole-benzamide copolymer and method for preparing the same, electrolyte membrane and paste/gel prepared therefrom
The present invention provides a multi-block branch polybenzimidazole-benzamide copolymer and a counter relates to the production method, in particular a branch of multiblock polybenzimidazole