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동중국해에 분포하는 갈치(Trichiurus Lepturus )의 연령과 성장
Age, growth, and maturity of Trichiurus lepturus were estimated based on right-handed sagittal otoliths belonging to 1,031 fish collected from January to December 2007 in the East China Sea. TheExpand
연구논문 : 울진 바다목장 해역에 서식하는 강도다리(Platichthys stellatus)의 번식능력
Results suggest that most females from UJ did not reach maturation with a spawning period that was considered to be between December and January, and both the ovaries and testes of PH starry flounders were ripe from January to March. Expand
한국 남해안 문치가자미, Pleuronectes yokohamae의 성숙과 산란
본 연구는 우리나라 남해안에 서식하는 문치가자미(pleuronectes yokohamae)의 성숙과 산란에 관한 연구로, 2006년 5월부터 2007년 4월까지 경남 남해군 연안 호망어업과 연안자망에서 어획된 것을 무작위로 채집하여 조사하였다. 암컷의 생식소 발달과정 및 생식소 중량지수의 월 변화로부터 문치가자미의 산란기는 11~2월, 주 산란기는Expand
참조기 유자망의 설 높이에 따른 어획특성
Small yellow croaker is one of the important stocks in Korean waters. In this study, we conducted sea trials to estimate optimum height of a drift gill net for effective fishing of small yellowExpand
근해오징어채낚기어업에서 어로기술발달에 따른 어획성능지수 변동
Squid is one of the important fisheries resources in Korea. Therefore, squid has been designated and managed as a target species of total allowable catch (TAC) since 2007, but the catch amount isExpand
연구논문 : 춘계 베링해 알류산 해분의 해양환경 특성
The characteristics of the oceanographic environment in the Aleutian Basin of the Bering Sea during spring in 1996, 1997, and 1999 were clarified. An investigation of the water properties revealedExpand
인공신경망을 활용한 고등어의 위판가격 변동 예측 -어획량 제한이 없었던 TAC제도 시행 이전의 경우-
Using artificial neural network (ANN) technique, auction prices for common mackerel were forecasted with the daily total sale and auction price data at the Busan Cooperative Fish Market beforeExpand
한국 탄도만 낙지자원의 이용과 관리
This study is to contribute to income growth of fishermen by the common octopus fishery characterized in the Tando Bay on the southwest coast of Korea. This area is engaged in Longline fishing (301Expand