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Effect of Hydro-meteorological and Surface Conditions on Variations in the Frequency of Asian Dust Events
The effects of hydro-meteorological and surface variables on the frequency of Asian dust events (FAE) were investigated using ground station and satellite-based data. Present weather codes 7, 8, andExpand
Showerhead apparatus having plasma generating portions
1. the art that the invention defined in the claims Plasma generating apparatus having a shower head portion 2. The technical problem to be solved by the invention, But configure the showerhead inExpand
Gas distribution module for narrow interval of spin nozzle unit and upright type deposition apparatus having the gas distribution module
PURPOSE: A gas distribution module with a reduced interval of spin nozzle units and a stand-type deposition apparatus having the same are provided to successively supply different types of depositionExpand
Batch type atomic layer deposition apparatus
복수의 기판이 상하 방향으로 적층되어 증착공정이 수행되는 배치타입 원자층 증착장치가 개시된다. 배치타입 원자층 증착장치는, 기판이 한 장씩 안착되는 복수의 지지 플레이트가 상하로 서로 일정 간격 이격되어 구비된 서셉터 유닛, 상기 각 기판에 대해 증착공정이 수행되는 복수의 반응 셀(cell)로 구획된 프로세스 챔버, 상기 프로세스 챔버 내부에 구비되며Expand
showerhead apparatus for radical assisted deposition
There is disclosed a showerhead apparatus for radical-assisted deposition including a showerhead of a two-stair structure separated by a given distance, which has a first buffer for uniformlyExpand
Apparatus and method for verifying application integrities
The present invention relates to a device and a method for verifying the app integrity is installed on the smart device using the separate hash value of the complex app information and data relating to the operation is stored with no installation required protection program. Expand
The battery cell voltage balancing device
The insulating body in the present invention is formed of a battery cell voltage balancing unit as, the open configuration the partition portions that are two or more battery cells are mountedExpand