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Polymer composites comprising metal nanoparticles and synthesis method thereof
A polymer composite is provided to have excellent optical, magnetic, mechanical, and electrical characteristics without causing an agglomeration phenomenon caused by an external condition such asExpand
Source driver and display apparatus comprising the same
PURPOSE: A source driver and a display device thereof are provided to prevent damage to a decoder device by generating a plurality of gamma voltages by using the power supply voltage. Expand
터널링 산화막 두께 변화 및 열처리에 따른 Al₂O₃/TaAlO₄/SiO₂ 다층막의 전기적 특성에 관한 연구
In this study, Al₂O₃/TaAlO₄/SiO₂ (A/TAlO/S) structures with tantalum aluminate charge trap layer were fabricated for Nand flash memory device. We evaluated the memory window and retentionExpand
디지털팩토리 기술을 활용한 레이아웃 설계와 물류체계 구축에 관한 연구: BLU 제조라인 적용 사례
This paper treats for the serial-processes of developing various alternatives for a optimal layout and reasonable material handling system based on 4M (Man, Machine, Method, Material) analysis,Expand
Method for preparing graft copolymer
The present invention is grafted to a method of manufacturing a copolymer and, more particularly, in the presence of the acrylate rubber polymer prepared, and the alkyl acrylate core and a hardExpand
Method and apparatus for providing customized product information
PURPOSE: A supply method of personal customized produce information and an apparatus thereof for supplying an answer of a seller are provided to upgrade the reliability of produce purchase by sharingExpand
퍼지 결정법을 적용한 유도전동기의 최적 설계
본 논문에서는 퍼지결정법을 적용한 유도전동기의 최적설계 방법을 제시하였다. 이 방법은 설계자의 경험, 관점, 판단을 반영할 수 있을 뿐만 아니라 다목적 최적설계에 쉽게 적용가능하다. 특성 해석방법은 등가 자기회로법이며, 설계방법은 기존 설계법 중의 하나인 D²L 법에 퍼지 결정법과 최적화 루틴을 결합하였다. 사용한 최적화 알고리즘은 확률론적 최적화기법인Expand