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Coffee capsule holder
Disclosed is a coffee capsule mounting device capable of mounting coffee capsules in various shapes and sizes. The coffee capsule mounting device according to one embodiment of the present inventionExpand
인체 피지선세포주(SZ95)에서 무화과 잎 추출물의 피지생성 억제 효과
【Sebum is an oily substance produced by sebaceous glands in human skin. The differentiation of the sebaceous gland is remarkably species-specific and sebocytes may play crucial parts in theExpand
SPMD를 이용한 half-car 모델의 롤 운동 해석
In this paper, I suggest a method of estimate half-car model’s roll capacity using the measured trace of kinematic roll center that is an instant center of velocity from a data of wheel motion, onExpand
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디스플레이 장치 및 이를 이용한 광 치료 방법
광 치료 기능을 가지는 디스플레이 장치를 제공한다. 디스플레이 장치는 기판과, 기판 위에 형성되는 적색 화소와 녹색 화소 및 청색 화소를 포함하는 표시부를 포함한다. 적색 화소는 628nm 내지 638nm 피크 파장의 적색 광을 방출한다. 적색 광의 반치폭은 1nm 이상 40nm 이하일 수 있다.
Nano suspension-some cosmetic composition in oil containing high content of stabilized l-ascorbic acid or its derivatives, and method for manufacturing the same
The present invention relates to a cosmetic composition which is prepared by: primarily preparing L-ascorbic acid, a derivative thereof, or a mixture thereof into a water in oil formed emulsion;Expand
A cosmetic composition comprising a fog tree extract as an active ingredient
The present invention relates to cosmetic compositions and cosmetic methods, including a mist wood extract the active ingredient, and the mist tree extract, it characterized in that it contains aExpand