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A pharmaceutical composition for the treatment of hypertension, including olme Satan cilexetil
The present invention relates to a novel compound useful and their pharmaceutical use in the treatment or prevention of high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis and hemorrhagic heart failure. Olme SatanExpand
Method for controlling shared memory and user terminal for controlling operation of shared memory
A shared memory control method and a user terminal for performing shared memory operation control are provided to divide a storage area of a shared memory into plural divided areas, and to enableExpand
Method for Preparation of methionine-mineral chelate
The present invention includes the steps of preparing a solution of methionine was added to (1) a basic material; (2) preparing a mineral solution; (3) the method comprising mixing the above twoExpand
A transdermal patch and a method of producing the same
A transdermal patch and manufacturing method are provided to minimize side by overdose by long effects of drug and maximize bioavailability. A transdermal administration patch(10) comprises: a baseExpand
Process for the production of recombinant human erythropoietin
A method for mass-producing recombinant erythropoietine (EPO) is provided for the treatment of anemia by regulating the red blood cell generation by preparing a recombinant plasmid pDEP-521 harboring Zeocin-resistant gene, Rous Sarcoma virus promoter and bovine growth hormone polyadenylation signal sequence. Expand
Driving apparatus and image forming apparatus having it
A driver and an image forming apparatus with the same are provided to deliver power accurately and smoothly and to reduce the size of the image forming apparatus. A driver comprises a drivingExpand
Functional silane curable urethane-modified polysiloxane paint composition
A composition for functional silane curable urethane-modified polysiloxane paint is provided to improve weather resistance, solvent resistance and coating hardness in comparison with existingExpand
System and method for analyzing and providing iot-based sensor data
A plurality of service providers are enabled to share sensors with each other, and thus has the effects of preventing redundant investments caused when service providers install a plurality of sensor devices having the same function of measuring the same item and utilizing resources efficiently. Expand
Apparatus for Laminating Green Sheet
To the present invention maintain a direction unwinding the green sheet to be supplied while the pulley from the state wound around the bobbin, and while undergoing less change in the curvature isExpand