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Apparatus for generating vibration and mobile device employing the same
PURPOSE: An apparatus for generating vibration and a mobile terminal using the same are provided to generate various vibration by symmetrically arranging a plurality of vibration generating partsExpand
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Method and architecture for virtual desktop service
The present invention relates to a method and architecture that can efficiently provide virtual desktop services. Expand
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뇌하수체 기능저하증의 임상적 고찰 - 복합뇌하수체 자극검사의 의의 -
Background: Hypopituitarism can be caused by various diseases. Its clinical manifestations vary, depending on the extent and severity of the pituitary hormone deficiency. And some patients mayExpand
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Evaluation of Usefulness of Radio-iodine SPECT/CT in Differentiated Thyroid Cancer.
목적 : 분화성갑상선암 환자의 추적 관찰에 사용되는 방사성요오드전신스캔(Radio-iodine whole body scan)은 해부학적인 정보가 부족하여, 갑상선암의 재발 및 전이와 위양성 병변을 감별하기 힘들며 재발 및 전이 병소의 정확한 해부학적인 위치를 파악하기 힘들다. 본 연구에서는 방사성요오드전신 평면스캔에서 관찰된 판별이 어려운 병변에 대해서Expand
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성평등입법과 Gender-Mainstreaming
Korea has tried to amend discriminatory laws and improve unequal realities between women and men since 1980. As the results of legislative efforts, legal and institutional equality was achievedExpand
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커피 용기 디자인에 따른 소비자의 선호도, 편리성, 구매의도에 미치는 영향
The purpose of this study is to confirm the behavioral intention (preference, convenience, purchase intention) about coffee containers. In this study, Repeated Measure ANOVA was performed using SPSSExpand
비대칭무게중심 물체의 동적 들기 작업시 좌ㆍ우 허리 근육의 EMG 진폭차이와 피로를 줄이기 위한 자세 연구
The purpose of this paper is to suggest the strategical lifting postures able to alleviate imbalanced EMG amplitude leading to an increase in low back... Expand
Method for adjusting contention window size in wireless communication system supporting unlicensed band and device for supporting same
A method for adjusting a contention window size (CWS) for uplink listen-before-talk (LBT) in a wireless communication system supporting an unlicensed band; and a device for supporting the same. Expand