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Method For Transmitting Downlink Control Signal
The present invention is directed to a downlink control signal transmission method. Expand
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Method for transmitting control signal using efficient multiplexing
A method for transmitting control signals by using efficient multiplexing is provided to use CDMA mainly in multiplexing a plurality of 1-bit control signals and transmit a plurality of controlsExpand
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Method of transmitting sounding reference signal
A transmission method of sounding reference signal is provided to perform multiplexing without collision between data and soundingreference signal by a sounding pointer and a transmission indicator. Expand
Procédé pour générer une séquence de signaux de référence dans un système de communication sans fil à antennes multiples, et appareil correspondant
L'invention concerne un procede de transmission d'une sequence de signaux de reference par une station de base dans un systeme de communication sans fil. Plus particulierement, les etapes de ceExpand
무선통신 시스템에서 제어 정보 검색 방법 및 장치
무선통신 시스템에서 단말의 제어 정보 검색 방법 및 장치를 제공한다. 상기 방법은 제1 공용 검색 공간(first common search space: first CSS)에서 기지국이 전송한 제1 타입의 시스템 정보를 검색하고, 상기 제1 타입의 시스템 정보를 기반으로 상기 기지국과 RRC(radio resource control) 연결을 수행하여 RRCExpand
Method for Transmitting ACK/NACK in Soft Handover
In the present invention, the terminal (UE) and a number of a mobile communication system including a base station (Node-B) having the sectors, and the packet transfer success transmission methodExpand
Method for retransmitting in the multicarriers system
The present invention provides a method for reducing the overhead of the retransmissions in a system that is asynchronous adaptive retransmission scheme application by scheduling information in a synchronous manner during a predetermined period with do. Expand
Procédé et appareil de transmission de données, et procédé et appareil de transmission de données
La presente invention concerne un procede et un appareil de transmission de donnees ainsi qu'un procede et un appareil de reception de donnees, lesdits procedes transmettant/recevant un signal deExpand
Noma 방식의 데이터 수신 방법 및 사용자 장치
본 명세서의 일 개시는 NOMA(Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access)방식의 데이터 수신 방법을 제공한다. Expand
Method For Transmitting Channel Quality Information Based On Differential Scheme
The channel quality information transmission method based on the difference method is disclosed. Subbands in the accordance with the present invention, the frequency selective channel receiving end,Expand