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Effect of a Nonionic Surfactant on the Adsorption and Kinetic Mechanism for the Hydrolysis of Microcrystalline Cellulose by Endoglucanase I and Exoglucanase II
Effect of a nonionic surfactant, Tween 20 on the adsorption and kinetic mechanism for the hydrolysis of a microcrystalline cellulose, Avicel PH 101, by endoglucanase Ⅰ (Endo Ⅰ) and exoglucanase ⅡExpand
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Adsorption Characteristics of Endo II and Exo II Purified from Trichoderma viride on Microcrystalline Celluloses with Different Surface Area
The adsorption behaviors of two major components purified, endo Ⅱ and exo Ⅱ, from Trichoderma viride were investigated using microcrystalline cellulose with different specific surface area asExpand
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Method for controlling pose of robot with using neural network, recording medium thereof, apparatus for controlling pose of robot with using neuron-network and robot therewith
A robot posture control method using a neural network, a recording medium thereof, a robot posture control apparatus using a neural network, and a robot having the apparatus are provided to allow theExpand
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Stabilized vitamin c derivatives with a peptide molecule, preparation method thereof, and composition containing the same
A vitamin C derivative is provided to show excellent stability and skin permeation by introducing a phosphoric acid derivative and a collagen generating peptide thereinto. The vitamin C derivative isExpand
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Stability Constants of First-row Transition Metal and Trivalent Lanthanide Metal Ion Complexes with Macrocyclic Tetraazatetraacetic and Tetraazatetramethylacetic Acids
The protonation constants of the macrocyclic ligands, 1,4-dioxa-7,10,13,16-tetraaza-cyclooctadecane-N,N',N",N"'-tetra(acetic acid) [N-ac4[18]aneN402] andExpand
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