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탈모 치료에 관한 최신 동향
In recent studies in western medicine were about combination therapy or safety and presented validities and superiorities about new treatments on alopecia, Korean medicine has advantages of considering whole body and phychological problems.
비만세포에서의 창이자의 탈과립 및 pro-inflammatory cytokines 분비량에 미치는 영향
The methanol extracts of the semen of Xanthium strumsrium could involved anti-inflammatory effects in lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-stimulated Raw 264,7 cells and the anti-allergic effects of X. strumarium on rat basophilic leukemia cells were evaluated.
경도근시(가성근시 포함) 환자에 있어 눈 경혈 마사지기와 침치료간의 증상개선 효과 비교를 위한 임상시험(단일기관, 무작위 배정)
Comparison clinical study conducted with the randomly arranged 32 patients for acupuncture group (control group) and NURIEYE-1 group (experimental group) in myopia found no difference in the effects between acupuncture group and experimental group.
B16/F10 흑색종양세포에서 삼내자 메탄올 추출물의 멜라닌 생성에 미치는 억제효과
The MKG (Methanol Extract of Kaempferia galanga) and their dermal bioactivity are investigated to investigate the effective and safe depigmentative and anti-aging agents of the skin.