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Composition comprising an extract of carex humilis leyss or alpha;-viniferin compound isolated therefrom for skin whitening
The mountain mirror extract of the present invention and the compound isolated therefrom are inhibited tyrosinase in melan-a cells can be usefully used as an external skin pharmaceutical composition and cosmetic composition having a skin whitening effect. Expand
A cosmetic composition for atopic skin
본 효과가 있을 뿐 아니라 화장료 배합시 피부의 예방 관한 것이다. Expand
Product placement player and product placementing method, computer readable recording medium, and broadcasting convergence adversisement system comprising the player
The present invention relates to the placement of the player, and how advertising and broadcasting convergence system able to display information on the TV screen for the item to appear in theExpand
Composition for treating or preventing metabolic syndrome-related diseases comprising desalinized magma seawater
A composition which contains desalinized mineral water from magma seawater is provided to suppress diabetes and obesity with desalinized mineral water, prevent and treat metabolic syndrome relatedExpand
Cosmetic composition containing the extract of allium monanthum, allium scorodorpasum, allium tuberosum, allium fistulosum and scilla scilloides
A cosmetic composition containing the osinchae (five pungent vegetables) extract is provided to improve the safety to the skin and to enhance the recovery of the damaged skin. Expand
Method and System for Reporting Channel State Information Based on Channel Quality in Portable Internet System
The present invention relates to a method and system for reporting channel state information based on the channel quality in a portable Internet system. The present invention, a subscriber station inExpand
Cosmetic composition comprising plant extract having anti-aging effect
The present invention relates to a anti-aging cosmetic composition containing the mixed plant extracts, specifically, the Angelica, Cnidium, anti-aging cosmetic composition containing licorice, mixedExpand
Portable internet broadcasting system
The invention is able to manage, while a list of Internet broadcasting of their choice using a simple portable Internet broadcast receiving apparatus, the individual user's position as efficiently as possible listening to or watching a broadcast. Expand
Composition for anti-irritancy comprising the extract of sophora flavescens, cinnamomum cassia blume, saururus chinensis and poncirus trifoliata
본 발명은 새로운 천연식물 혼합 추출물에 관한 것으로, 더욱 구체적으로 고삼, 계피, 삼백초 및 탱자 혼합 추출물을 함유하는 자극완화용 조성물에 관한 것이다. 본 발명에 따르면 고삼, 계피, 삼백초 및 탱자 혼합 추출물은 일정의 비율로 혼합됨으로써 자극완화에 있어 각 원료들간의 뛰어난 시너지 효과를 갖으며, 이러한 효과를 갖는 추출물을 유효성분으로Expand
A cosmetic composition comprising desalted mineral water isolated from lava seawater
The present invention relates to a composition containing the number of demineralized mineral separated from the lava sea water, as an active ingredient, the compositions of the present invention isExpand