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항암화학치료 후 발생한 호중구 감소증에 대한 사물탕가감방 증례 보고
The purpose of this study is to report two patients with neutropenia caused by chemotherapy who prescribed Samul-tanggagambang. Samul-tanggagambang was prescribed three times a day to two patientsExpand
아토피성 피부염에 활용되는 溫淸飮에 대한 한중일의 논문 비교
Background and Purpose : Oncheongeum(溫淸飮) composed of Samultang(四物湯) and Hwangryunhaedoktang(黃連解毒湯) was mainly used for healing metrorrhagia in the Qing dynasty of China. At present, Oncheongeum isExpand
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일본동양의학회지에 수록된 ‘부작용’에 관한 논문 분석
Objective : This study reviews the articles about ‘Side effect’ published in the Japanese Journal of Oriental Medicine to better understand about side effects of herbal medication and to encourageExpand
Study on Herb Pair of Zanthoxyli Fructus(Pericarpium Zanthoxyli)
Objectives : The purpose of this study is to find out herb-pair prototype composed of Zanthoxyli Fructus, to examine compatibility regulation between them and to classify them into seven features ofExpand
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온청음 가미방 3개월간 장기복용의 유효성과 안전성 보고
This study is designed as pilot study to report the efficacy and safety of long term medication of Oncheongeum-gamibang on atopic dermatitis. The patient of atopic dermatitis was asked to takeExpand
안면신경초종 수술 후유증 환자에 대한 침 및 침전기 자극술의 효과
The purpose of this study is to report a clinical progress of treatment of sequelae caused by removal of facial schwannoma through Korean medicine. A patient was diagnosed with facial schwannoma byExpand