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Method for forming through holes in insulating substrate and method for manufacturing insulating substrate for interposer
A method comprising (a) a process of preparing the insulating substrate, and (b) a process of forming n number of through holes (provided that n is an integer of 9 or more) in the insulatingExpand
Beam splitter device, the light source device and the scanning observation apparatus
The one beam, while branching to a plurality of beams of light path lengths differ, be different relative angle between the beams, with a simple configuration, is set to the same position in theExpand
Microscope and a microscope observation method
The purpose of the present invention is to precisely detect out-of-focus fluorescence emitted from a sample (A) and acquire a clear fluorescence image. The microscope (1) according the presentExpand
Microscope and microscopic observation method
The purpose of the present invention is to eliminate extra-focal fluorescence from focal fluorescence and acquire a sharp fluorescent image. Provided is a microscope (1) that is equipped with: aExpand
Method of manufacturing an insulation substrate for a method and an interposer forming a through hole in an insulating substrate
(A) a step of preparing an insulating substrate, a through hole density in the range of (b) 1000 pieces / cm2 from 20,000 / cm2, and at a pitch P (300 [mu] m from 20 [mu] m), n pieces on theExpand
Blood flow measuring method for blood vessel identification
In order to accurately detect blood vessels existing in biological tissues and selectively detect blood vessels having a predetermined thickness, the blood flow measuring method, for blood vesselExpand
Laser-scanning examination apparatus
Different viewing conditions to be sampled detection signal at an optimum timing in image configuration without complicated adjustment, provides the improvement possible laser-scanning examination apparatus the image quality subtracting the dark noise to maximize the contrast of the detection signal. Expand