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Short Convertible Undeniable Signature From Pairing
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环境因子对萱藻(Scytosiphon lomentaria)孢子附着的影响
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Batch Reconstruction from UAV Images with Prior Information
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Water environment deterioration is critic to the health of lake ecosystem,and trend analysis is considered as the very first step to mitigate water pollution.Based on pollutants monitoring data fromExpand
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Chameleon Hashes Without Key Exposure Based on Factoring
变色龙回锅肉丁是主要原语构造提供非否认的一个变色龙签名方案;非可转移性同时。然而,起始的变色龙回锅肉丁计划受不了关键暴露问题:非可转移性基于指明的接收装置愿意不管它的暴露滥用他的私有密钥的一个腐烂的假设。最近,几 key-exposure-free 变色龙哈希值基于 RSA 假设被构造了;同步数字系列(强壮的 Diffie-Hellman )Expand
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Kidney transplantation in diabetic recipients with iliac atherosclerosis (report of 51 cases)
目的 探讨糖尿病髂动脉硬化患者的肾移植手术特点.方法 51例糖尿病合并髂动脉硬化的肾移植受者共行肾移植术54例次.其中肾动脉与髂外动脉直接端侧吻合13例次;切除硬化内膜,肾动脉与髂总/髂外动脉端侧吻合19例次;切除硬化内膜,肾动脉与髂内动脉钛环钉法端端吻合22例次.结果Expand
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Influence of initial growth conditions and Mg-surfactant on the quality of GaN film grown by MOVPE
The initial growth conditions of a 100 nm thick GaN layer and Mg-surfactant on the quality of the GaN epilayer grown on a 6H-SiC substrate by metal-organic vapor phase epitaxy have been investigatedExpand
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