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Method for making vane of wind-driven generator by adopting ultra-high strength polyethylene fiber composites
The invention relates to a method for making a vane of a wind-driven generator by adopting ultra-high strength polyethylene fiber composites, which is characterized in that the front edge, the girder
Pharmaceutical composition for treating dyslipidemia
The pharmaceutical composition and the preparation of the invention have good function for treating dyslipidemia.
Passive wireless temperature-measuring device for switch cabinet
The utility model discloses a passive wireless temperature measuring device of a switch cabinet, comprising a temperature sensor, a single chip microcomputer and an acquisition unit, wherein the
Preparation method of decitabine freeze-dried powder injection
The invention discloses a preparation method of a decitabine freeze-dried powder injection, which is characterized by comprising the following steps: adding a pharmaceutic adjuvant into water and
Multichannel film radiation amount measurement method
The invention provides a multichannel film radiation amount measurement method. By use of radiation amounts based on different-color channels, an optimization model with top and bottom limitation
An injection preparation containing salvianolic acid A and extract of panax natoginseng, and its preparation method and application
The preparation comprises salvianolic acidA and Notoginsen triterpenes by a weight ratio of 1:1-10, preferably 1:3, and has good pharmaceutical actions.
Salvia minium phenolic acid A and process of preparing preparation and use
Salvianolic acid A from Chinese crude drug: danshen root can be used in the preparation of the prevention drugs for cardiovascular disease, liver damage, liver fibrosis, pulmonary fibrosis and other.
Special keyboard for tablet personal computer
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  • 13 July 2012
The utility model discloses a special keyboard for a tablet personal computer that is capable of supporting the tabletPersonal computer so that the tablet personalComputer stands on a table and people can watch and a screen and use the tablet Personal computer conveniently.
Form and preparation method dasatinib monohydrate
The present invention relates to the field of pharmaceutical technology, particularly relates to dasatinib monohydrate Form III, method of preparation and pharmaceutical compositions thereof. Ming