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Circulating fluidized bed reformer
Solid fuel separator fluidized bed gasification method and gasifier
The present invention relates to a solid fuel separator type fluidized-bed gasification method and the gasifier. Drying of the fuel, gasification of pyrolysis and char by performing the tar /Expand
Fluidized-bed gasification method and equipment
Provided are a fluidized-bed combustion furnace 1, a separator 8 for separation into bed material 11 and an exhaust gas, a fluidized-bed gasification furnace 40 into which the bed material 11 isExpand
Fluidized bed gasification facility
Fluidized medium and the raw material to provide a fluidized bed gasification system which is adapted raw material can be increased gasification process amount gasified at high gasificationExpand
Bed height control method and apparatus for fluidized-bed gasification furnace in the gasification
A fluid medium separated by a medium separator 8 is supplied to a gasification furnace 2 into which a raw material is also charged. The fluid medium is extracted through any of fluid mediumExpand