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Study on phase-space reconstruction of chaotic signal based on wavelet transform
Using the methods of the wavelet transform and the nonlinear dynamics, the b ehavior of chaotic signals in phase space is studied. It is indicated that, in p hase space reconstruction, the waveletExpand
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海南岛发现褐扁颅蝠(Tylonycteris robustula)分布新纪录
已报道的褐扁颅蝠(Tylonycteris robustula)在中国的分布仅限于广西和云南,作者于2007~2008年在海南岛采集到5只褐扁颅蝠标本,为海南新纪录.本次发现褐扁颅蝠在海南岛的分布,说明位于这些分布区之间的广东地区亦有褐扁颅蝠分布的可能性极大,有待于进一步调查核实.
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Accurate Measurement of Small J Couplings
Abstract Small J coupling constants are closely relevant to the assignment of conformational preferences for medium- to large-sized molecules and the valuable structural information about theExpand
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A new solvent suppression method via radiation damping effect
Radiation damping effects induced by the dominated solvent in a solution sample can be applied to suppress the solvent signal. The precession pathway and rate back to equilibrium state between soluteExpand
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Increased expression of aquaporin-4 in human traumatic brain injury and brain tumors
Objective: To characterize the expression of aquaporin-4 (AQP4), one of the aquaporins (AQPs), in human brain specimens from patients with traumatic brain injury or brain tumors. Methods: NineteenExpand
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Impulsive synchronization of a nonlinear coupled complex network with a delay node
We investigate the impulsive synchronization of a nonlinear coupled complex network with a delay node. Expand
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Intermolecular Zero Quantum Coherence in NMR Spectroscopy
Abstract Intermolecular zero-quantum coherences (iZQCs) originating from distant dipolar interactions between spins in different molecules provide an innovative way for nuclear magnetic resonanceExpand
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Survey on the prevalence of incontinence in Wuhan City
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